Foundation and History

The Balmoral Girls’ Primary School dates its beginnings to 1929, when it was decided to remove the Sub-Standards (Grade 1 and 2) and Standards 1 and 2 (now grades 3 and 4), from the Girls’ High School.

In January 1930 the new Preparatory School – for boys and girls – was opened in the old High School building in Shepstone Street, later to become the Queenstown Museum.

The first headmistress was Miss Bessie Muir.  A decision to take over Standard 3 (Grade 5) from the Girls’ High School increased the roll to 137 pupils.

Miss Muir was succeeded by Miss Gertrude Gunn who took office in 1931, and designed the School badge and chose the School motto.

An outstanding member of the staff at this time was Miss EL Heward, kindergarten teacher.  She retired in 1935 to start The Aloes hostel, which for many years was to play a great part in the life of the Preparatory School.

After 12 years Miss Gunn was succeeded as Headmistress by Miss Dorothy Street, followed in turn by Miss JC Davidson, who assumed duty in January 1949.

During the years following the ending of the Second World War the School had grown rapidly.  Prefabricated buildings had been erected until the then Cape Provincial Administration, realising at last that the School could no longer remain confined to a small area in the middle of the town, decided that the only answer was the building of completely new premises.

On 17 January 1961 the new Balmoral Girls’ Primary School in Haig Avenue was formally opened, with the addition of Standards 4 and 5 (Grades 6 and 7) from the Girls’ High School.  Miss Davidson was still Headmistress, but she retired at the end of 1963 and was succeeded by Miss EA McLeod.

Over the years must development of the grounds took place, but the School lacked a hall.  This omission was taken care of in November 1970, when one was formally opened by the Deputy Director of Education, Mr John Perry.

At the end of 1979 Miss McLeod retired and was succeeded by Miss MJ Morris.  In January 1982 Miss SE James, Vice-Principal since 1970, was appointed Headmistress.

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