Balmoral Badge and Symbolism

Argent, a bend sinister cotised gules, in the first quarter an aloe plant bearing three racemes proper. Motto: Altiora Peto

The school badge was designed by the second headmistress of the School, Miss Gertrude Gunn, who also chose the motto.

The design is closely influenced by the design of the Queenstown Girls High School badge and demonstrates the close ties between the two schools. It also reflects the origin of Balmoral as arising from Girls High School.

The meaning of the colours and symbols is as follows:

  • The shield is white to symbolise purity and truth.
  • The bands are red to symbolise courage and sacrifice.
  • The highlights in navy symbolise order and discipline.
  • There are three bands to symbolise pupils, parents and teachers working together.
  • The scarlet aloe is a proud symbol of the Border region.

The motto, “Altiora Peto”, is in latin and means “Seek the Height”. The motto is meant to inspire us to seek excellence in school and on the sport field, but also to seek higher things and strive for moral and spiritual growth.

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